Renewable Energy Consultants in Scotland

Arcus Renewable Energy Consulting

Arcus is a windfarm and renewable energy consultancy with an office in Glasgow, providing environmental impact assessment and planning services to the renewable energy industry.

Bell Ingram Microgeneration

A service for land owners, land managers, property developers, architects and local authority managers offering independent and un-biased advice on all small-scale renewable energy projects.

Caithness Renewables

Louise Smith is a chartered civil engineer offering consultancy services to renewable energy developers, utilities and agencies, and also advice to businesses interested in breaking into this market.


Independent technology & consultancy services company focused on the offshore wind industry offers consultancy, advisory and engineering services, specialist personnel provision, and post-construction inspection methodologies.

Farsight GreenTec Ltd

Independent energy efficiency and microgeneration advice to property professionals, householders and businesses. Clients include architects, developers, self-builders, businesses and individuals.

Natural Power

Consulting &amp risk management for the renewables industry. Resource assessment and site modelling, development, ecology, construction & geotechnical services, operational site analysis and optimisation and site management.

RD Energy Solutions Ltd

Edinburgh-based consultancy assisting clients in the identification and design of the most suitable renewable technologies for their needs. End-to-end service, from feasibility to final installation and ongoing maintenance.

Renewable Energy Consultants Ltd

Perth based engineering consultancy specialising in the design, specification and project management of renewable technologies. The company work with public and private sector clients to reduce carbon emissions and energy costs.