Tidal and Wave Energy In Scotland

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Marine Energy in Scotland - Business Links

Section 1: companies based in or with offices in Scotland

Aegir Wave Power
Joint venture company between Scottish wave power technology developer, Pelamis Wave Power, and Swedish energy utility, Vattenfall. Aegir is developing a 10MW wave farm off the southwest coast of Shetland.
Aquamarine Power
The Oyster wave power device is attached to the seabed at around ten metres depth. Wave motion drives two hydraulic pistons which push high pressure water onshore to drive a conventional hydro-electric turbine.
Marine renewables company with an office in Edinburgh, providing marine turbines, project origination, resource assessment, project, installation & completion management. The company has a 1MW tidal turbine on test at EMEC.
AWS Ocean Energy
Inverness-based company working on a multi-cell array of flexible membrane absorbers which covert wave power to pneumatic power through compression of air within each cell. Units will have a maximum output of 2.5MW.
Lunar Energy
Lunar Energy holds an exclusive worldwide licence to a unique, innovative technology, the Rotech Tidal Turbine. The RTT is a bi-directional horizontal axis turbine housed in a symmetrical venturi duct.
Nova Innovation
Leith-based tidal generation company whose mission is to deliver tidal power for communities and businesses, offering full ‘water to wire’ solutions developed in partnership with their clients.
Pelamis Wave Power
The Pelamis Wave Energy Converter was the world’s first commercial scale machine to generate electricity to the grid from offshore wave energy and the first to be used commercially.
SeaGeneration (Kyle Rhea) Ltd
This is development company set up by Marine Current Turbines (MCT) to develop a tidal stream array in Kyle Rhea. The array will consist of four SeaGen devices with a total capacity of up to 8MW
Voith Hydro Wavegen Limited
Developers of Limpet, a shoreline energy converter sited on the island of Islay and producing power for the national grid.The technology is being developed to build a series of commercial power generators.

Section 2: significant companies operating in Scotland

Hammerfest Strom
Currently (Spring 2011) Hammerfest Strom have a 1MW HS1000 unit on test at EMEC. Consent given for an array of ten of these devices to bin installed ibn the Sound of Islay in 2013.
Open Hydro
Irish company with a unique seabed 'open centre' shrouded turbine design that has been on test at EMEC since 2006. Planned to deployed in a commercial array off the Irish coast.
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