Community Wind Energy in Scotland


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Wind Energy Basics: A Guide to Home- and Community-scale Wind Energy Systems

Community and Co-Operatively Owned Wind Projects

Although large scale offshore wind may be at the cutting edge of the renewables scene in Scotland it is still very much a technology in development, with serious storage and distribution issues to be resolved. Community wind on the other hand, where the power is used locally and a modest surplus exported to the grid, is seen by many as a better use of the technology. Many farms and businesses in Scotland operate their own wind turbines now, but this section concentrates on community or co-operatively owned windpower projects.

Community Wind - Links

Boyndie Wind Farm Co-operative
Boyndie Wind Farm is built on a former World War II airfield in Banffshire is owned by a co-opeative with 16 members. The wind farm has 8 turbines and when it’s operating fully it generates 16.30 MW of electricity.
Energy4All Scotland
Energy4All delivers community ownership of renewables through co-operatives and is actively seeking new opportunities for community ownership of renewables in Scotland. Responsible for the Boyndie co-op (see above).
Findhorn Ecovillage
The Findhorn wind park began in 1989 with a single 75KW turbine. Three second-hand Vestas V29 225kW turbines now give a total installed capacity of 750 kW, making the commnity a net exporter of electricity.
Gigha Renewable Energy Company Ltd
Three Vestas V27 turbines were commissioned in January 2005 and are capable of generating up to 675 kW of power. Gigha residents control the whole project and profits are reinvested in the community.
Tiree Renewable Energy
Tiree has installed an 950kw Enercon E44 wind turbine in the east of the island. The single turbine, owned by Tiree Renewable Energy Ltd. is expected to generate revenues for the island's community of around £100,000 a year.
Westray Renewable Energy Ltd
Westray Development Trust have installed an Enercon E44 turbine rated at 900Kw. The energy is sold to SmarterEnergy. Westray is a windy place and the turbine has shown some impressive load factors.
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