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Wind Energy Basics: A Guide to Home- and Community-scale Wind Energy Systems

Community & Regional Groups Involved In Renewable Energy

This section puts the spotlight on renewable energy organisations with a regional or community focus.

Regional & Community Renewable Energy - Links

Aberdeen Renewable Energy Group
Established in 2001, AREG aims to ensure that Aberdeen City and Shire and its businesses play a major role in the energy revolution and seeks to position the region as a renewable centre of excellence.
Promoting better use of energy and local energy resources throughout Argyll, Lomond and the Islands through energy education and energy efficiency, and promoting the development of appropriate renewable energy sources.
Community and Co-Operatively Owned Wind Development
Community windpower means most of the power is used locally with a modest surplus being exported to the grid. Many see this as the best use of windpower, with fewer problems than those posed by large scale development.
Dundee Renewables
A strategic partnership incorporating the public, private and academic sectors, working together to build a renewable energy industry for the city of Dundee.
Fife Renewables
This directory includes companies who are, or have the capability to be, active in the Renewable Energy industry. It brings together companies who have experience in several markets including Oil & Gas and Defence.
Islay Energy Trust
A community owned organisation that aims to develop small (2kW) to medium (5MW) community renewable projects (wind, hydro and biomass) that will directly generate revenue that can be invested in the community.
Orkney Renewable Energy Forum
OREF exists to promote and develop sustainable local energy resources using local expertise.The local authority, renewable energy generators, development trusts and environmental consultants are a few of the groups involved.
The Rough Guide to Community Energy
What can we do to create sustainability in our own communities? How can local people work together to save or generate energy and tackle climate change? This free book is full of practical advice and inspiring case studies.
Tiree Renewable Energy
Tiree has installed an 950kw Enercon E44 wind turbine in the east of the island. The single turbine, owned by Tiree Renewable Energy Ltd. is expected to generate revenues for the island's community of around £100,000 a year.
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