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Links To Recent Climate Change Research, News & Policies

Scotland's Climate Change Declaration
Between January and April 2007, all of Scotland's 32 local authorities signed up to Scotland's Climate Change Declaration, publicly demonstrating their commitment to action.
Scotland's Action On Climate Change
The Scottish Government recognises that climate change will have far reaching effects on Scotland's economy, its people and its environment. This is what it is doing to rise to the challenge.
Scottish Climate Change Impacts Partnership
SCCIP was established to "increase the resilience of organisations and infrastructure in Scotland to meet the challenges and opportunities presented by the impacts of climate change".
SEPA - limiting and adapting to change
SEPA recognises that climate change is the greatest threat to the future of the planet’s ecosystems, with significant socio-economic consequences. SEPA has a key role in helping Scotland limit and adapt to Climate Change.
SNH on Climate Change
". . . the single biggest threat to our lifestyles, economy and culture. SNH is working with others to reduce climate change impacts so that Scotland's people and its nature have a better chance of prospering in a changing climate."
Learning and Teaching Scotland - Exploring Climate Change
LTS is a non-departmental public body engaged in transforming education in Scotland. This site provides access to a wide range of climate change related teaching and learning resources for teachers and students.
Forestry Commission Scotland Climate Change Action Plan 2009 – 2011
Describes the Commission's plans to increase the contribution and response of Scottish forestry to the challenges of climate change, and focuses on what needs to be done both as early actions and to increase future preparedness.
Talking Climate
Talking Climate is a resource for researchers, practitioners and communicators that translates the latest research evidence on climate change communication into practical guides on a wide range of topics.
The Guardian Climate Change Section
The Guardian has for a long time been an excellent source of information on climate change issues. This section of their website containsd a wide range of articles and links to both UK and worldwide climate change stories.
Climate Change News Digest
An information portal created to spread climate change awareness, the site features a massive coillection of links to current and recent climate-related articles throughout the media.
16/02/2011: Climate change raises flood risk, researchers say
Greenhouse gas emissions are making extreme rainfall events more common, and in the UK, have increased the risk of flooding. Two research groups present their findings in the journal Nature.
Climate change denial in Scotland - Andrew Montford aka 'Bishop Hill'
Andrew Montford is a Scottish-based climate 'skeptic', author of "The Hockey Stick Illusion" and the force behind the 'Bishop Hill' blog. Read our short and biased article then make up your own mind.
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