Voith Wave Goodbye to Scotland

Inverness-based wave energy firm go under

Voith Hydro has decided to shut down its wave power business in Inverness, retreating to   the company’s engineering centre in Heidenheim, Germany. Voith were the creators of the first ever wave power station in Scotland, the LIMPET on Islay.

LIMPET - wave power on IslayA company spokesman said  “The projects which we have put in practice have shown that this technology works. What is missing is a positive investment climate for wave power globally.  Voith will re-intensify its wave power station activities as soon as the market situation is appropriate and such operations appear commercially beneficial”.

This follows the cancellation of Voight’s  wave energy project at Siadar on the West coast of Lewis in December. The cancellation was blamed on  lack of funding and uncertainty surrounding the installation of the necessary HVDC interconnector across the Minch to allow  renewable electricity generated in the Western Isles to flow into the grid.

This blog predicts that this will not be the last renewables opportunity lost in Scotland because of the ongoing delays in implementing the necessary grid upgrades. 


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