Power House

Will Scotland become Europe’s ‘green power house’? 

Directed by Cailean Watt, this short documentary examines the tensions that arise when questions are asked about the future of energy generation.  For a small country peering into an uncertain future, the answers to these questions are crucial.  Sustainable energy could reindustrialise and strengthen Scotland.  But will Scottish people get behind the power house plan, and will the choices about how to enact the plan pay off?

Filmed around Scotland in 2011/12, the documentary bring together voices from government, industry and communities to capture the debate as it currently stands.  From the Energy minister to an anti-wind turbine activist, a free market academic to eco-village residents, the film aims to ask the bigger questions that emerge from an extremely complex discussion.

The soundtrack is provided by Inverness-based electronic artist, Araya.



One Response to “Power House”

  • spanner:

    Interesting documentary.

    I think we should take a close look at what is happening in Germany…the most committed green country in the planet. It’s not reassuring.
    As one commentator in the documentary says “if the politicians get it wrong… we’re stuffed”

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