A Message From Doha

For  ‘Spanner’ and all the deniers who are threatening our future

Naderev Saño, the lead negotiator of the Philippines delegation, breaks down halfway through his prepared statement at the COP18 climate talks in Doha yesterday.

Saño was speaking about the 16th typhoon to hit the Philippines this year which killed hundreds of people. He appealed to the world: ‘no more delays, no more excuses’

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  • Spanner:

    AD HOMINEM HEADLINES………..Brilliant!!!! Thanks for giving me celebrity status on your blog. It could be said that a spanner has been thrown into your works .. He! He!

    Now calm your pants and mummy will put your toys back in the pram.

    Seb Yano has every reason to weep at the deaths of his countrymen he should also hang his head in shame. The Philippines suffers from wide spread and corrosive corruption which includes graft, bribery, embezzlement (especially by politicians), back door deals, nepotism and patronage.

    Most of these 420 poor impoverished souls confirmed dead from Typhoon Bopha were killed in the steep valley, highly susceptible to flooding and landslides, that includes New Bataan a town crisscrossed by rivers and cleared from lush hillsides by farmers in the 60s. It is also possible that illegal mining and logging played no small part in triggering landslides which killed so many.
    The 20 or so tropical storms that hit the Philippines each year strike its northern and central regions more often than the southern provinces pummeled by Bopha, but still, deadly floods are common on resource-rich Mindanao Island. On another part of the island last December, 1,200 people died when a powerful storm overflowed rivers. Then and now, raging flash floods, logs and large rocks carried people to their deaths.

    In his emotional statement Mr Yano said tellingly “We have not seen any money from the rich countries to help us adapt”. (Us….. meaning the Political Elite?) Sir Nicholas Stern, a darling of the Alarmists, referring to the US budget crisis said “You can’t expect them to offer money at this stage”. Developing nations are calling for at least $10 billion a year until 2020 with Britain one of the few countries to have provided a financial commitment.

    After 16 years with no global warming and 100% of climate scientists agree that there has been no warming, Seb Yano surely understands that – global warming which has NOT happened over the last 16 years CANNOT have caused Typhoon Bhopa, any more than it could have caused extra-tropical storm Sandy.

    I grieve for the people of Bataan but I fear that they are more at risk from their culture rather than their climate.

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    • admin:

      Spanner, a good name for a troll’s tool, and better than the G. Richmond you used to post as. Another blog, another sock puppet, still spouting the same mindless mantras. 16 years with no global warming and 100% of climate scientists agree that there has been no warming. Well done, probably your most outrageous statement to date, working on the same tired old principle that if you say something often enough someone somewhere will believe you.

      I see you have copied and pasted your third paragraph directly word for word from this FT article. So – lying and cheating like the rest of your denialist brethren. Well, that’s enough.

  • ParaHandy:

    Lost the plot, have we? It’s time this website bit the dust.

    • admin:

      And as for your posts ParaHandy – well, let’s be honest, they don’t contribute much to the debate really do they? Personal insults and now some weird kind of veiled threat.

      Well Hans Blix, I think you’ve broken this site’s terms and conditions often enough now, don’t you? Back to looking for those weapons of mass distraction on ForArgyll for you.

  • admin:

    It seems there has been a historic shift in the UN climate talks in Qatar, with the prospect of rich nations having to compensate poor nations for losses due to climate change. Needless to say the US are vehemently opposed. Watch this space as COP18 drags to an inglorious close.

    BBC article

  • admin:

    OK, it’s all over . . . Kyoto* extended for another eight years and . . . well, and nothing, that’s it folks!

    *Kyoto signatories include the 27-member European Union, Australia, Switzerland and eight other industrialised nations. They represent about 15 percent of global emissions.The Kyoto protoco has no impact on the major emitters – USA, Canada, India, China etc

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