Ever wondered what’s involved in installing solar panels?


Installing solar panels can be done in a day with minimal disruption.  Here  Renewable Resources from New Lanark show how it is done:



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  • Spanner:

    Ever wondered what the loaf factor for PV CELLS in the UK is compared to other technologies?

    Following figures was collected by Department of Energy and Climate Change using same methodology and showing 2006- 2011 figures load factor for various types of plants:[20][21]
    Plant type
    average. 2006 2007 2008. 2009. 2010. 2011
    Combined cycle gas turbine stations 64.7% 71.0% 64.2% 61.6% 47.8% 61.9%
    Nuclear power plants 59.6% 49.4% 65.6% 59.3% 66.4% 60.1%
    Coal fired power plants 46.7% 45.0% 38.5% 40.2% 40.8% 42.2%
    Hydroelectric power stations 38.2% 37.4% 36.7% 25.4% 39.1% 35.4%
    Wind power plants 27.7% 27.5% 27.1% 23.7% 29.8% 27.1%
    PHOTOVOLTAIC POWER-PLANT. 9.9% 9.6% 9.3% 7.3% 5.5% 8.3%


  • admin:

    Not surprised, don’t care. Sunlight is free. No-one ever gets excited about how efficient plants are.

    Solar power provided 10% of Germany’s electricity in May.

    Is your glass always half empty?

  • Spanner:

    Your perspicacious observation that sunlight is free is of course absolutely correct. The same applies for Coal, Gas , Wind , oil and Uranium. The tricky bit is converting the stuff into useable power efficiently and cost effectively.

    By your reckoning if “no-one ever gets excited how efficient plants are” then I suppose you would also agree that they will not be bothered about the price they have to pay for power generation…??

    Funny you should mention the situation in Germany. I don’t know where you got your figures from but it would be interesting to see what the figures for PV generation are for October through to March. I lived there for 5 years and as I recall it was damn cold, lots of snow, overcast and dark for a lot of the time over that period.
    Germany has an installed capacity of approximately 8000MW IN PVs. A load factor of 10% means that effectively PV delivers 800MW (only in daylight …Doh!) which is about the same output as a single modern CCGT plant. For this amazing amount of power the German consumer is committed (He! He!) to paying £100,000,000,000 in subsidies over the next 20 years for PV generation alone! (Die Welt, Daniel Wetzel, 25/10/12). That’s money that won’t be invested in Hospitals, education, transport or infrastructure.

    They are also building 22 (carbon intense) Coal fired power stations to prop up their unreliable (carbon free) renewables whilst closing down their (carbon free) Nuclear Generators to protect them from the risk of being hit by a tsunami presumably.

    Have our Sehr Klug German cousins lost the plot?? Wouldn’t be surprised if their glass is quarter empty!!

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