Wind Poll Hijacked?

Has our windfarm poll been hijacked?

So far we have had 51 responses. The odd thing is that over 85% of these have come from people living in Argyll and the Islands, although this area accounts for a much smaller percentage of existing and planned windfarm developments than this.

Onshore wind poll respondents


The problem with an online  poll like this is that it is easily manipulated by active pressure groups,  whether for or against. This is inevitable, particularly if the poll is left open for an extended period of time.  Once this site is more widely followed  it will hopefully be possible to have snap polls that reduce this effect. In the meantime  we would have a lot more faith in the results of this poll if there was a wider geographical spread of responses. So come on people from the Borders, Dumfries & Galloway,  Highland, Western Isles and Northern Isles  –  we know there are wind farms built or planned in your areas so let’s have your responses as well. 

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