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A watching brief on the development of Scotland’s new renewables sector. This blog will provide a day to day look at and comment on any significant developments, while the main site will offer a comprehensive  source of information plus a directory of all the major players and suppliers.

The massive expansion of offshore wind, the development of tidal energy and all the changes these will bring provide much food for thought. Hopefully the blog will also provide fertile soil for discussion of  the issues.

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  • Just a quick check that comments are working

  • Iain G Richmond:

    Hi Again,

    11.05 am Feb 6th 2012 UK GRID CARBON INTENSITY APP reports that 3500 Wind turbines are producing 0.1% of the Nations’ Power generation or just 64MW.

    AWESOME !!!!!

  • admin:

    An odd place to post this comment.

    The whole country is covered by a ridge of high pressure at the moment. I note that none of the OCGT stations are online at the moment (12.09 Feb 6th 2012) either, so there is obviously not a shortage of electricity.

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