The Trump & CATS Show – More Climate Change Denial

Parliament hears ‘evidence’ from Trump and CATS

Trump: “It is one of the most serious problems Scotland will have or has had”.

Trump: “I am the world class expert on tourism – I am the evidence, I am the expert.”

Trump: “Climate change is not man-made. You are spending billions of pounds unnecessarily and it will affect Scotland.”

Patrick Harvie asked CATS if they deny the science of climate change.

Mr. Lang of CATS said he was puzzled and says he does not know whether it is happening or not.

Mark Gibson of CATS on climate change: We don’t know. There is a lot of covering up. Why do that if you are sure of your ground.

BBC’s Scott Holdaway tweeted: Police separating around 100 anti-windfarm & 30 pro-wind power protestors outside Holyrood.


Watch the video:


4 Responses to “The Trump & CATS Show – More Climate Change Denial”

  • ParaHandy:

    dear boy, the video doesn’t relate to the quotes. the video’s of the press conference. The correct video is elsewhere on the bbc. Worth watching too, the 2 Trumps & 2 Cats had the committee well sewn up, don’t you think? Particularly liked the answer by the Cat man to the question from the woman about subsidies. He replied that it wasn’t the absolute amount that mattered but the subsidy per unit generated. She can’t be that stupid, can she?

    They (the SNP members) keep referring to the IPSOS polls etc as being of Scotland. They don’t understand the con-trick being played on them? The local elections will be quite interesting (ignoring Argyll where the current lot might be in gaol soon).

  • admin:

    Thanks for pointing that out. I have replaced the video with the correct one.

    Trump spoke some nonsense, particularly in his insistence that the life of a wind turbine wsas five years.

    I see that Lovelock’s lateast bizarre outburst is having its effect already – Laing of CATS on climate change:
    “Lovelock has just said he doesn’t think it’s that bad so I think the jury’s out on that”

    • ParaHandy:

      Ah yes … an underestimate. He didn’t get much wrong and as ForArgyll noted rather well I thought:
      “There is an irreplaceable specialist wisdom in a person that results from what they have invested in their lives. And, as he said, this is often – perhaps usually – of a higher calibre than the low rent productions of the paid hack consultants the public sector throws our cash at; and who almost invariably deliver as desired, flattering with jargon to deceive those who cannot know.”

      I see you’ve added Laing’s remarks. Is this you just catching up? You actually hadn’t seen the video until now?

  • itsyourself:

    I had hoped for entertainment. I got the usual nonsense now being repeated by PH above. “Specialist wisdom” “invested in their lives” no doubt that will also apply to medicine, statistics, chemtrails, the illuminati or any other subject at all in fact. Care to explain what those phrases mean PH? Other than ” I know what I like” and “evidence does not matter”. Also the only con trick on show belonged to the massive ego speaking from below the cranially perched creature cloned by carpet right out of rug doctor.

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