Aquamarine Power’s Response to the CBI Stance on Independence

Today (Friday April 18) it has been revealed the CBI has registered with the Electoral Commission as a backer of the NO campaign against Scottish independence.

Responding to the news Martin McAdam, Chief Executive Officer of wave energy company Aquamarine Power (a member of the CBI)  said:

“Businesses do not vote, people vote. The CBI has registered with the Electoral Commission as a NO campaign backer without consultation with its members. As a business Aquamarine Power has been firmly neutral on the matter of independence. We have adopted this view after consultation with our Board and Management Team and as a consequence we can no longer remain members of the CBI. Although Aquamarine Power’s staff and Board Members may have personal views on the matter of independence, this has no influence on our agreed company position.”

Please direct any media enquiries to Public Affairs Manager Neil Davidson

+44 7545 735402


Aquamarine’s  mailing address is:
Aquamarine Power
Elder House
24 Elder Street
Edinburgh, Midlothian EH1 3DX
United Kingdom

Telephone: 0131 524 1440

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