Protestors in Full Cry over Lomond Windfarm Plans

Turbines visible ‘from significant viewpoints in all directions’

Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park are concerned  about the impact of Banks Renewables’ planned  Ard-Ghaoth windfarm near Drymen.  A separate formal application for a ten-turbine development South-West of the loch near Dumbartion also has been submitted by Lomond Energy, and park officials and others are worried that the cumulatvie effect of the two developments will be too much.

Lone walker descending Ben LomondThe main objection according to an article in the Herald seems to be that the turbines will be visible from the top of Ben Lomond, possiblyn also from Ben Venue and Ben Ledi. As these are the highest points for miles around this is not entirely surprising or in dispute. What should perhaps be up for discussion is just how important this is in the great scheme of things. The 30,000 people who visit the top of Ben Lomond each year have themselves created a broad eroded scar across the flank of the hill, so perhaps fewer visits from people who cannot bear to see a wind turbine would not be such a bad thing from an environmental point of view.

The Loch Lomond national park is excused wind turbines –  and no-one would argue with that. However, if turbines cannot be built anywhere because they are going to be visible from a mountain top inside a national park then the available land for wind turbines shrinks dramatically, resulting in greater concentrations in other areas.

Imagine yourself sitting on top of Ben Lomond looking out to these windfarms at Dryment and Dumbarton. How far away are you? Choose either of the windfarms, extend your arm full stretch and see if you can cover the proposed turbines with your thumb. You can? Not really going to have that much impact on the view then, is it?  The idea of such distant structures causing so much distress can be difficult for those of us who are not protesting to understand.


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