Gamesa Chooses Scotland For Turbine Manufacturing Facility

A huge vote of confidence in Scotland from a major investor

Wind turbine manufacturer Gamesa today gave a huge vote of confidence to the Scottish renewables sector and the UK offshore wind industry by announcing their plans to build a major manufacturing facility in Leith to produce the giant wind turbines that are set to be deployed around the British coast during the rest of this decade.

The new facility will manufacture the blades and machinery for these massive machines. The project could be worth around £125m of investment  and is expected to support over 800 direct jobs.

Gamesa’s offshore wind business HQ is in London, but their  Research and Development centre is in Glasgow.  This announcement shows Gamesa’s commitment to establishing Scotland as the main focus of their worldwide offshore wind business, and yet again gives the lie to the nonsense being spouted about the  referendum  scaring off investors.

(The other city on Gamesa’s short list was Hartlepool).

Welcoming Gamesa’s announcement, Prime Minister David Cameron couldn’t resist the opportunity to slip the ‘U’ word in:

“This is fantastic news for Scotland and shows that the UK remains an attractive place for foreign investment. Scotland benefits from UK wide initiatives to promote renewables and access to the entire UK consumer market. That coupled with the economic security that comes from being part of one of the world’s most successful unions makes Scotland an obvious place for companies like Gamesa to invest in.”

Ed Davey similarly couldn’t resist a rather pointless and unconvincing plug for the Union, saying:

“I am delighted that Gamesa has chosen to invest in Leith and cement its commitment to the UK offshore wind market.  This was clearly a closely run race between two excellent locations – a powerful message to the offshore wind industry that the UK is the place to be. Projects like this have the potential to bring investment and support jobs across the whole of the country. Being a United Kingdom means we can attract the large investment necessary and keep costs down.”

Welcome to Scotland, Gamesa. You’ve made the right choice.


The announcement on Gamesa’s website

SNP welcome Gamesa jobs announcement  (from the SNP website)


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