Argyll Array ‘on hold’ for 12 Months

SPR announce ‘time out’ for environmental studies

The controversial Argyll Array windfarm development proposed for the waters off Tiree  has been put on hold for 12 months during which period Scottish Power Renewables says it intends to ‘work with others to study the results of detailed environmental suudies of the site’

The short statement goes on to say  that “The pause n the project programme will also enable the company to monitor the offshore wind industry’s progress in relation to turbine, foundation and support vessel technology with a view to developing technical solutions that are able to deal with the physical conditions at the windfarm site’. All development work will stop at the end of the year, with the situation being reviewed at the end of 2013.

The project has been fought tooth and nail by a well-organised resistance campaign – No-Tiree-Array- who have recently enlisted Tiree’s transient populations of basking sharks and great northern divers to the struggle. What part their efforts have played in this hiatus – or perhaps full stop – will be for history to decide, but there is certainly a mass of environmental data to be sifted through.  It can be no co-incidence though that this announcement comes hot on the heels of a proposal revealed at an Open Day on Tiree last month to dramatically reduce the footprint of the development.

In the meantime, SPR have assured the islanders that the £10,000  already offered for 2012-2013 by the RESET fund  to support to eligible candidates pursuing post-school education or training will not be affected. 

Tiree view - with no turbines


Scottish Power Renewables – Argyll Array

No Tiree Array 


2 Responses to “Argyll Array ‘on hold’ for 12 Months”

  • This Tiree seascape is the one that SPR put on the back cover of their Oct 2012 Array Update brochure.

    It is the view to Mull, which of course is not the location of the proposed Tiree Array, however by offering this turbine -free view maybe SPR were already hinting they were to put the Array on HOLD.

    Hopefully at the end of 2013 , SPR packs their bags, and leaves Tiree to remain one of the jewel of the Western Isles.

  • Karl Hughes:

    Its Now mid October 2013… is an extension of the delay to be anounced or will SPR finally concide that the Tiree aka Argyll array is just a proposed project in the wrong place…

    Whatever the decision…NTA is ready to fight.

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