Scotland leads the UK in small-scale renewable energy

Scots ahead in installed microgeneration capacity

According to the latest AEA Microgeneration Index published this month,  Scotland leads the UK in small-scale renewable energy installations, with more capacity installed than any other region.  The Index shows that   capacity has nearly doubled  in the last twelve months and is the highest per head of population in the UK.

The AEA Scottish  Microgeneration Index details progress made across the country, and in  each local authority area, one year on from the launch of the Feed-in  Tariff (FIT) scheme, which was designed to encourage uptake of small  scale renewable electricity generation.

The Index  found Scotland to have a disproportionately high installed capacity (by  population) with 20% of UK installed capacity. It also found that 75% of  the UK’s hydro capacity is in Scotland, in addition to 63% of the total  wind capacity.


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