What if… we left the coal in the ground?

National Mining Museum
Edinburgh Sat 26th May 2012 2.30pm-4pm

Coal mining is a significant part of Scotland’s past, but will it be part of it’s future?

The Scottish government have set a target of an equivalent of 100% of gross annual electricity demand from renewables by 2020, though this has been criticised as unrealistic by the Institute of Mechanical Engineers, who point out that in any case, electricity is actually the smallest component of Scotland’s energy demand, with heat and transport making up higher proportions.

How might life change if Scotland did start generating all of its electricity from clean, renewable sources? Can Scotland quit coal by 2020, or will it continue to depend on some sort of clean coal technology into the future? How do our heat and transport systems need to change to take advantage of renewable energy?

Chaired by Andrew Simms, nef fellow



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