Independent Scotland will help keep rUK’s lights on

Keeping the rUK's lights onA report by energy regulator Ofgem has today warned that the gap between installed capacity and electricity demand could fall to just 2% in coming years. The report also warns that the risk of blackouts from lack of supply has increased since their last report and could reach a one in every four years if reductions in demand are not achieved, compared to the current level of once in ever forty seven years currently.

With Scotland currently exporting 26% of electricity generated, the key role played by Scotland in keeping the rest of the UK’s lights on will become even more important in years ahead as the capacity gap narrows.  This reliance on Scottish electricity effectively undermines claims by anti-independence politicians that the rest of the UK would not want to purchase electricity from an independent Scotland, as the risk of blackouts in the rest of the UK would increase significantly without electricity crossing the border.

Commenting, SNP MSP Chic Brodie who sits on the Economy, Energy and Tourism Committee said:

“This paper has revealed just how tight the gap between electricity capacity and demand is set to become and makes a mockery of claims that the rest of the UK would not continue to buy electricity produced in Scotland after a Yes vote.  The energy resources that Scotland is home to are absolutely essential to keeping the lights on in the rest of the UK and this report from Ofgem shows why they will only become ever more vital in the years ahead.”

“It blows a major hole in some of the more outlandish scaremongering we have heard from anti-independence politicians when it comes to energy, and has severely undermined their credibility.

“The fact is that the rest of the UK needs Scotland’s electricity and that will still be the case after a Yes vote in next year’s referendum. Maintaining a shared energy market between an independent Scotland and the rest of the UK is simply good sense for everyone concerned.

“Scotland’s rapidly growing renewable energy supply is absolutely integral to maintaining a secure supply of electricity south of the border and today’s report means that fact is indisputable.”

Further details of Ofgem’s warning can be viewed at


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