Cost of Beauly Denny power line doubles

Cost of Beauly Denny power line scheme rises to £600m

The cost of the Beauly to Denny power line, essential to connect marine and wind energy developments in the far North of Scotland  to the rest of the UK National Grid, has almost doubled,  it was claimed today.  The eventual price of the scheme is now expected to be around £600m, compared to the original prediction of around £331m in 2004.  Apparently this  could add as much as a truly shocking  10p for each UK household per annum.

Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission Ltd (SHETL) says  the increase  is down to planning consent conditions imposed by the Scottish Government, legislative change and the technical, engineering and planning constraints that have come to light since the scheme was finally consented in January last year.

We say – get the damn thing built before costs rise further. It is essential for the Scottish government’s renewable ambitions, and should have been built three years ago.  Planning constraints need to be loosened on projects of such vital national importance.  It is a good job the John Muir Trust wasn’t around in the 1960s when electrical  power from the glens was first being delivered to homes throughout the Highlands via the newly constructed high voltage tranasmission lines – we’d all  have still been sitting in the dark.


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