Scotland’s Renewable Energy Sector in Numbers

Key statistics about  Scotland’s renewable electricity sector

Industry body Scottish Renewables has compiled the key statistics on the development of Scotland’s renewable electricity sector from a variety of government and industry sources in order to track the industry’s growing contribution to our energy needs, our economy and our environment. These statistics are updated on a continuous basis as new data becomes available. While this report only relates to electricity production, we are working on a set of similar statistics for renewable heat in Scotland.

This page contains statistics relating to the following areas:


~ Total Installed Capacity of Renewable Electricity in Scotland 2007-2011
~ Current Installed Capacity of Renewable Electricity (April 2011)
~ Pre-operational Capacity of Renewables Projects


~ Electricity Consumption and % Renewables Output
~ 2011 Renewable Electricity Output by Technology
~ Electricity Generation in Scotland by Fuel

Jobs and Investment

~ Renewables Jobs in Scotland 2011/12
~ Investment in Renewable Electricity Projects in Scotland in 2011
~ Investment from the start of 2009 to April 2012


~ Emissions Reduced by Scotland’s Renewables Electricity Output