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Scotland is at the beginning of an exciting time, facing the sorts of challenges not seen since oil was first discovered in the forbidding waters of the North Sea off Aberdeen. The prize is energy this time as well - clean, green energy in vast quantities that could make Scotland the renewables powerhouse of Europe. Before we get there though there are huge challenges to be faced - technical, environmental and social. This site exists to chronicle the progress of this vast endeavour without fear or favour, recording the triumphs and the failures as they occur.

Renewable Energy Blog

There is a regularly updated news section (accessed from the left of each page or from our NEWS DIGEST page while on our SCOTSRENEWABLES BLOG you will find regular original posts and reports on the Scottish renewable energy scene and some interesting discussions. You can also follow us on Twitter.

The remainder of the site is in the form of a directory, with links to general information and also to businesses and organisations operating in the renewables sector in Scotland. We encourage anyone with a specifically renewable energy related business in Scotland to apply for a free two-line entry which includes a link to your website. We may also offer advertising opportunities and enhanced directory entries for suitable companies who link back to us.

Websites for the renewables industry

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Saltire Prize

The Saltire Prize, Scotland's £10 million challenge to accelerate the commercial development of marine energy, is now open for applications.

£10 million will be awarded to the team that can demonstrate, in Scottish waters, a commercially viable wave or tidal stream energy technology that achieves the greatest volume of electrical output over the set minimum hurdle of 100GWh over a continuous 2 year period using only the power of the sea.

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